Part 2 of Charlotte mag accountability series is live

Mint-9657121b-0c5684f3 (1)Below is an excerpt from the second installment in my accountability series for Charlotte mag. The actually survey, with salaries, attendance numbers, and revenue for Charlotte museums, can be found here.

This week, the McColl Center for Art + Innovation named Alli Celebron-Brown, formerly of Foundation For The Carolinas, its new president and CEO. In 2017, the cultural sector has seen an enormous shift in arts leadership in Charlotte. With this in mind, the second installment of our series on accountability in Charlotte arts takes a critical look at the numbers surrounding Charlotte museums, in terms of leadership, revenue, and attendance. It’s been a decade since the recession that devastated the cultural sector. And as leaders now come and go, it’s difficult to keep up with the broader picture of our museums.

In a few areas, comparing museums isn’t a fair endeavor, as each has its own mission and audience. However, there are a few trends to notice as you read though this guide. There’s a gulf in compensation for leaders of similarly sized organizations. Also: The context of some of the higher numbers change when you consider whether an institution has multiple campuses. Read the list here.

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